Please imagine with me if you can, a future generation of fine art in
as never seen before
Hello, I'm artist Ronald Hayward. Imagine Gotham and Emerald City in UHD. I invite you to view samples and live web pages concerning my future generation of fine art coming to you in four scales of UHD resolution. These
scales include  
1K, 2K, 4K and 8K. Begin with viewing my standard HD scale and work your way up to 8K, being the highest resolution in the collection which is 16 times the resolution of 1080 HD and equal to actual human
scale. My goal is to create an unique style of virtual reality artwork that can be used and viewed on
4 and 8K wall size display monitors in sharp clear real life human scale. This collection of artwork will  provide a unique
online environment of imaginary cities for millions of people to post their video's and websites. If you wish to use my new generation of
UHD art as a backdrop to display your media content, please contact me at
Warning!!!! Due to the world wide web's overall current limitation in bandwidth capacity, the live art pages will take a minute or so to fully load unless you have a direct fiber optic connection to your computer.