BY THE HAYWARD FINE ART COLLECTION  
This collection will begin with celebrities who wear a size 8 U.S. shoe. First pumps in the collection are called the Empire State
skyscraper. This magnificent shoe towers above any footwear you have ever owned before. It should be worn only occasionally for
special events when you want all the attention on you and to stand out above the rest. The Empire State in size 8 has a super 3 1/2
inch platform and an incredible 81/2 inch skyscraper heel.
So if your afraid of heights, this shoe and licence collection is not for you. It
has a wide toe box for added toe comfort, a classic style and thick cushion inner sole with personal sign signature of design artist   
Ronald Hayward.
                            How to get your licence to buy, own and wear these super pumps.
For more information contact artist Ronald Hayward at
Call (700) 000-0077 at least 48 hours in advance to set up an appointment to take the test for your superpumps shoe licence. At the time of your
appointment come to 800 W 42th St studio 101. Test takes about 15 minutes. Wear something comfortable like a tank top, pair of leggings, shorts or  
a skirt. There will be a ten minute photo/video session where I, the artist, will test you on how well you handle sitting, standing and walking in these
shoes. After the session, I will contact you the following day after reviewing the test to let you now if you qualify for a licence. If you don’t pass, you
can try again when ever you think  your ready. Practice first with the highest heels you have access to before testing again. If you pass, you can make
your payment for the licence right here. Licence cost $1000 dollars. Once payment is received, your license with be sent to you. You will get both a
licence and certificate
of authenticity. You should carry your licence with you when ever you wear your
superpumps in public so you hopefully won’t. get a ticket if the police
stop you for walking and stopping traffic. The certificate of authenticity proves that the shoes you buy from the
superpumps collection is genuine and
authentic footwear. Once you receive these items you can begin to shop for the world’s most :
interesting, captivating, engrossing, absorbing, enchanting, enthralling, spellbinding, riveting, engaging, compelling,
shoes you will ever wear.