Need your support
The dreams I've had for so long are finally within reach. Now I can design, build, view and paint onto canvas the imaginary cities I've dreamed of as
a kid. Not only can I do this, but I can do it in actual human scale. It's like building a real city. If your not sure of what I mean, take this as an
example. If I walked 20 blocks in Midtown Manhattan, (about a mile), and had a computer screen the same size I could create a section of my own
imaginary city at the same size, scale, sharpness and resolution as the mile I walked in Manhattan. It's unbelievable and the best part is I don't need
millions of dollars worth of equipment to do so. Unfortunately I'm a poor starving artist who doesn't have the money to buy the computer power,
cameras, models, studio space and software needed to create this new collection of UHD art to show & share with the world. With your support, I
could begin working to creating this next generation of urban landscape art in 1K, 2K, 4k and 8K ultra high definition.
                                          Tools I need to produce collection
My UHD urban landscape art is a total different ball game from my HD urban landscape art. I currently don't have the computer power and
cameras to produce the highest quality of art in such scale. Just one large building alone in UHD can have a file size as large if not larger
than the file size of a super large city in HD (10 gigabytes). A bridge can be as large as 25 gigabytes. The UHD art samples I now show on my
website is about the limit of what I can produce with my current equipment. It takes to much time to render each building with the computer
power I currently have and producing a whole city at these resolutions are so far out of the question.

When you zoom in close on the skin of people, bricks of a building and so on, the art becomes bur and out of focus. Its because these
samples were made with cheap and inadequate cameras. If I had the right tools to work with, these samples would have been much sharper,
clearer and look like the real thing when you zoom in very close. This is what I want to achieve in my next generation of urban landscape art.
It would take me about 2 years of work and about $20,000 to produce the first four cities in the collection (one completely different city in each
UHD scale) with the right equipment.

In order for me to produce the highest quality of art at this scale and time frame, I first need to make thousands of individual building structures
before I could start designing and making the first collection of cities. This will require a personal super computer that cost about $12,000 and
contains the following specs (8 core processor, two -8 gigabytes video cards for two 4k monitors, 128 GiGs of ram and 30 terabytes of
storage. I would also need the latest Adobe suite and terrain building software, a 4k video camera and a 50 megapixel still photo camera
If you enjoy my UHD work and wish to make a $50,000 donation to cover the cost of the project,
and be the only art collector to own the first four paintings of this collection send me an e-mail at with your contact information and reason
for your donation.
As the project donor you will cover the cost for me to complete the first four cities in the collection which will  take about 2 and a half years.

For your donation you will receive four 60 by 240 inch Giclee canvas paintings of the first 4 cities (one painting for each city and each city different) in the collection
with my photo, signature and certificate of authenticity. Donor will also receive 4 digital UHD copies of the four cities with a special viewer, a map and city statistics
chart and video of the construction process of each city. The donor will receive each of the paintings with
map and statistics chart rolled up in shipping tubes with a USB drive containing digital copy of cities and video of construction process. It is up to the  donor to frame
all paintings.
If you have any questions please contact me at
                                           Project donor art collector