The creation process
Hello and welcome to the commission works page. If you love my art and would like a one of a kind 45 degree consistent scale aerial view city for a home,
office, building lobby, outdoors, etc, then lets get started. The best part of this type of artwork is that I get to work with the collector in part to create a
wonderful piece of art. To build a city takes a lot of time and tedious precision detailed work. I work with large multi-gigabyte files that take a lot of computer power
and rendering time. These works of art consist of thousands of layers of work. It took me years of work to create thousands of individual building structures you
see in these paintings. This time and effort has to be added to the cost of producing any commission work. When designing a city, you need to have an idea of
what you want. You need to ask yourself is it going to be a large or a super city. Do I add mountains, is the city so big it needs to have more than one airport or
port facility, where do expressways go, what type of bridges and so on. It's a lot of work as you can see. Things like bridges, airports, expressways and mountains
have to be custom made and is difficult work. Once you decide on the size of a city and the canvas size to place it on, you then have to cover the canvas with
water and land areas. Then perhaps the most important thing of all is to layout the street grid so everything else in the city can connect together, between and
throughout the grid . If you click on the link
here you can see part of the process of how a city is built . Things are placed in order on a grid, not just thrown
together. Buildings and all the structures that form a city block have to be placed in order one at a time. So as you can see, creating one of my paintings is no
easy task.
On average it takes 3 to 4 months to create the digital part of a painting. After the $5000 non refundable advance is paid, you can cancel work at anytime for
any reason before the digital phase of the work is complete. Once the digital phase of the work is complete, I will send you the online address to view the
work. If you like the online work, you then send the full remaining payment which 25 percent of it is non refundable for my time & production cost. If you
decide you don't want the painting after you receive it, return commission work for your 75 percent refund . The advance $5000 starter fee is part of and will
be subtracted from the 25 percent .
To commission a work,
(1) send an e-mail to Include your full name, email address, phone number and size of painting that interest you . (2) After our
phone conversation, I will e-mail you a questionnaire to fill out about the painting you want commissioned. Fill it out and e-mail it back to me. (3) About 2
weeks later depending on size painting you want, I will send an e-mail asking you to go online to view 2 different landscape backgrounds of just barren land
and waterways. You will then choose the landscape you like best for your commission work. (4) Once you decide on the landscape, you will send me a non
refundable advance payment of $5000 which lets me know your ready to commission a work which is included in the 25 percent non refundable time and
production cost fee for the complete digital part of the work. Send payment to this
link (5) Once I receive the $5000 advance, I will email you to let you know
that I received the advance payment. Then about every 2 to 3 weeks, I will e-mail you a new link for you to view the building progress of your commission
work. (6) Once the digital work is complete, view it online. If your not satisfied, don't send anymore payments, the commission work ends of which the $5000
dollars is non refundable. If your satisfied, you will then send me full payment minus the $5000 advance non refundable deposit. Send payment to this
and scroll down page until your find the checkout button to the correct size of your commission work.  Once the payment is received, it takes about 2 to 3
weeks before you will receive your commission work. It is up to you to frame the work. Both canvas paintings, (main painting and map and city statistics
painting) will be sent to you roll up in a shipping tube along with USB drive with video of creation process (7) You then have 14 days from the time you
received the work to decide if you want to keep it or not. After 14 days, your full payment becomes non refundable and I will then send you the address to
view the work online when ever you want. (8) If you decide not to keep the paintings for any reason, e-mail me  and return the two paintings by 14 days from
when you received it, in the same condition as received and I will send you back your 75 percent
refund. If you have any questions, please contact me at
And for the art collector with the ultimate ego and has a million to spend