To purchase Gotham City, first send me an e-mail stating you wish to purchase Gotham City. Send e-mail to

Once I receive your email, I will then reply back to your e-mail and ask you to send me your billboard images. You can send
anywhere from 1 to 6 billboards. If you have any questions about how to make your billboards, feel free to ask me. Once I
receive your
billboards, I will add them to the painting. Once the billboards are added, I will give you an online address to preview your
painting online for 24 hours before making your final decision to buy. If you
decide to purchase, click on the
enter to purchase button below to order your

Remember that 25 percent of the purchase price is non refundable under any circumstances!
If for any reason you decide you do not want the painting after your order, only 75 percent
of the purchase price will be refunded back to you. You have 14 days after receiving the painting to decide whether or not
to keep it. If you decide not to keep, send everything back as received
for your 75 percent refund.

Once payment has been received and cleared, it will take about two weeks before you should
receive your shipment.