Infinityhouse2 is the latest addition to my house music videos.  With a screen recorder you can use this page to make your own music videos
with your favorite songs. The top half of the page provides tons of interesting visual images and a sound stage  to create stunning
music videos. Use the scroll button on the far side to view the many different visual effects videos I have lined up. Then use the other scroll
button to line up the stage to the effect you want. Add your own music or use the music that come with the visual effects. The bottom half of the
page are some music videos I made using this page. Click on these video’s to see what you can do. To view the full page at once, you must
have a 4k or 5k display monitor. If you don’t, you will have to zoom your web browser out to about 50 percent to see the full page. Chrome is best
to use. Give the page some time to fully load.