Hello and welcome to the Hayward Collection Of Fine Art. I’m Ron, a multi-medium artist who specializes in grand urban landscape
paintings. The painting that your about to see is called Emerald City After.  It is now available to buy in two sizes,

44 by 144 inches for $7,995 USD’s
56 by 168 inches for $8,995 USD’S

You can view Emerald City as is or open to full screen by using the zoom and move tools on the top side of the page to explore & view the nting il.
Emerald City is a rare grand scale giclee canvas painting that took several years of advance work and planning to prepare for its creation.
Thousands of individual structures were made to create a standard base of building blocks to build this amazing city of nearly 20 million.
A one of a kind landscape and street grid was then formed to place all structures you see in this painting. The work is so complex and detailed,
that it is impossible to paint by hand at this size and scale. Only a computer combined with the giclee printing process on a grand format printer
of the highest quality could produce this painting.

Emerald City is for the art collector, who wants only the best, has the space to accommodate a painting of this size and who wants a work of art
that will be the center of attention where ever it’s displayed. Unlike other landscape paintings on the market, Emerald City will come in several
different versions depending
on the time and events that take place in the city. This current version now available for sale, takes place (
after) the horrific man made events that
had forever changed
the people, the city and landscape of Emerald City .

When you buy Emerald City, you get more than a just a painting, you get a total multi medium art experience. The purchase of this version
of Emerald City includes the following,

(1) 48 by 144 or 56 by 168 or inch giclee canvas painting with my photograph,
and signature. Painting is water, scratch and fade proof under normal room
& handling conditions. This painting comes rolled up in a tube container. It is totally up to the
collector to buy a frame & frame this painting.
(2) A 20 by 30 inch regional map and metro area statistics chart on canvas. This come
rolled up in a tube container and is up to the art collector to buy a frame and frame this painting.
(3) A 11 by 14 inch real estate magazine cover about Emerald City on canvas that
comes rolled up in tube container and is up to art collector to buy a frame and frame this painting.
(4) A video of Emerald City.
(5) A a certificate of authenticity.
(6) billboards of the collectors design in the painting.
(7) digital copy to view online

To make each work really special, collectors are asked to participate by making theirs a custom one of a kind painting.
You as a collector are ask to create anywhere from (1) up to (6) one of a kind billboards to add to the painting.
The billboard designs are up to you to make and send to me by e-mail.
I will then add your billboards to the painting once payment is received.
Designs of your billboards could be anything from an advertisement of your business to individual or family group pictures
When creating your billboard, send a jpeg file of at least 2MB or at least 1920 by 1080 pixels in size
Make sure the image is clear and sharp. Billboards on the painting will be around 2 inches in size. I recommend
head shots photos for family portrait billboards. Billboards will be place next to the airport. You can see a sample in the above picture.

To begin the process of buying your one of a kind painting of Emerald City