Hello and welcome to infinitypl.com. I’m Ron, an multi-medium artist who is the sole creator of this website. As an artist my fantasy has been to create a form of artwork that humanity could use as work/live
spaces available to accommodate the human mind. When today’s supercomputers becomes tomorrows personal computers and 8k resolution becomes the standard for every home, my fantasy will then
become the
reality I want as an artist and Human Being. Infinitypl.com is one step towards this goal.

In developing infinitypl.com, I want to design a website without using standard templates. Each page is made from a blank screen embedded with artistic concepts & ideas. The goal is to create virtual reality
link centers connecting the world in many resolutions including 4K & 8k. These VR cities can be use as home pages and gateway portals to the web, recording life on Earth and providing easy access to
almost everywhere online . It has to be big, bold and colorful giving me endless possibilities of creativity. So I came up with the name Infinitypl, short for Infinityplace.

Infinitypl.com  gives me the room I need to express myself as a digital artist, photographer, video producer,  music producer and web land developer. It also gives me the chance to share my ideas and
create business proposals in ways I coldn't do before. Here at infinity I can check my E-mails, track my deliveries, check the news, weather, time & date, listen to music, search the web, watch videos, movies,
television, shop and so much more. The website contains several home  pages that include
infinitypl.com/8K, infinitypl.com/8kdeluxe,  infinitypl.com/tablet, infinitypl.com/phone, infinitypl.com/network,
infinitypl.com/ac infinitypl.com/art infinitypl.com/UHD 8K art 8k television and about 100 other pages that are native to the website. In addition, Infinitypl provides me with thousands of direct links to many of
the worlds most popular websites, displaying the magnificent brilliance, work and efforts of countless other artist, writers and people of every field imaginable.

Some of the web pages at infinitypl.com are design to be used 5 to 10 years in the future. Due to todays world wide web limitations of bandwidth capacity, these pages will take a long time to load.

In the end, I hope  my work as an artist and the development of infinitypl.com can capture and show future generations what the web was like near its beginning. I hope it can bring pleasure to those who visit
and be of use to the overall web community as a whole. May it also bring people together in positive ways and help make exploring the web, a new & and exciting form of recreation.
So, may I invite you to
me in the 4K &  8k experience and use any of the home pages of Infinitypl.com as your cockpit and gateway portal to exploring the wonderful magnificent beauty of the web.


Artist &  Web Land Developer Ronald Hayward, aka Grandmasterbuilder